Bracketology 301: At First Glance, Many Fun Match-ups Across The Entire Bracket

Good evening, as it is Christmas Day for college basketball fans everywhere.

After Committee Chairman Mark Hollis mentioned about “the scrubbing process”, the Selection Committee compared teams and similar records against other similar teams in the field.

With 20 top seeds winning their conference tournaments instead of last year being at 11, the bubble was not as kind as in years past.

Also, with so many teams finishing with nearly similar records–expect a few surprises along the way.

Compared to the initial 16 seed preview in February:

The top line only changed with North Carolina replacing Baylor, Arizona moved up one seed line and so did Duke.   Meanwhile, Virginia went down to spots from 3 to 5 and Florida State dropped one line from 2 to 3.

Please enjoy my nearly 14 minute long podcast.  This was definitely was a true online labor of love all the way.

See you all tomorrow with my picks, all the general tip times and TV information you need to know for the first four days, and my annual cut-and-paste effort when I peek back at one of my first blogs from last Halloween and see how many schools I ended up getting right:), and how many did I get wrong:(.




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