Special Poem for This Special Time of Year

With all apologies to longtime morning DJ Lin Brehmer at 93.1 FM, WXRT in Chicago…

It is time for the real magic to start up again

We fill out as many brackets online as ten

Come noon Eastern time during one March Thursday

Office productivity in America gets soured along the way

At the same time, millions of fans get all geared up

And the cheerleaders put on their ponytails and any special make-up

You see, my online friends it was not that long ago

CBS ran what was for them to be an exclusive show

Between 1991 and 2010, watching those games was a blast

But the time went by so quickly, each ending felt too fast

First round was done by 5 and 11, second round Saturday by nine.

Even Sundays were done early, so prime time was mighty fine.

However, with not one, not two, but three Turner outlets

lending their expertise

The folks in Atlanta were not kidding around, there was no such tease

But we are here to take part in an American tradition

The brackets have their own story to tell, as again it comes to fruition

Will a sixteen seed ever beat a one?

If it happens in our lifetime, I am sure many bloggers will join in on the fun

By the time the first weekend is completed

52 games will have been played, 48 teams in four days will be defeated

Then we get to the Sweet Sixteen round

Two games, two sites, two channels–very easy to keep abound

Then four separate games comprise the Elite Eight

One more weekend later, and the Final Four looks great

April comes around and indeed Super Saturday is here

Plenty more reasons to think that this is indeed your year

And by the time 24 more TV time outs are given,

Championship Monday will end sometime past eleven.

By the time Jim Nantz oversees which school gets to hold the trophy

There is one other sappy moment to come, you see

It’s the playing of that song, composed in 1987 by David Barrett

The song is simply titled, “One Shining Moment.”

The whole point of the song is not just for the champs

But for every school who tried and took their last laps

By the time that three week video montage ends

My mind has to come to quick amends

Do I hold my emotions in?

Or do I let it all hang out and cry near my laundry bin?

You see, the next time we see real fun again is seven months later

I guess by that time for this blog it will mean the equivalent of

myself saying, “See you later, alligator.”

It is time for The Real Fun to Begin.

Outside of Christmas, this time of year is what I live for.

And by the time the First Round takes another spin

My hope and wish is that my blog posts are never a bore.

Enjoy the games, and may the best brackets win!


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