All-Time NCAA Record Stops at 111 Straight Wins, UConn Loses In Overtime at Women’s Final Four

Game winning shot occurred in overtime, all-time record finally halted at 111

“It showed how far the women’s game has come.”
2017 Basketball Hall of Fame inductee, 1995 UConn graduate and ESPN analyst Rebecca Lobo on SportsCenter

April 1, 2017

UConn trailed by 16 at one point (29-13 with 7:37 left in the second quarter) and suffered their largest halftime deficit of eight points during their National Semifinal on Friday at the America Airlines Center in Dallas.  In fact, the once dominant Lady Huskies trailed for 31 minutes and 14 seconds out of a possible 45 minutes.

Mississippi State guard Morgan William was blocked on her attempt at the end of regulation and the score tied at 60.  She may have gone only 6 for 17 with 13 points, but it was her jumper on the right side of the lane just before the buzzer sounded that took down the longest winning streak in women’s (or men’s) college basketball history.

Final score was Mississippi State 66, Connecticut 64, as the Lady Huskies’ attempt to become the first school to win five straight championships goes down the drain (and pretty much most of ESPN’s ratings leading up to the first Chicago Cubs regular season baseball game opening defense of their 2016 World Series title).

Their last loss for historical purposes was also in overtime on November 17, 2014 at Stanford.

Under Geno Auriemma and all of the success he has enjoyed in his over 20 plus years as the Head Coach at UConn, his teams have lost all four times when they played in overtime during the NCAA Tournament.

The other first-time finals participant was determined earlier on Friday night after South Carolina upended perennial Final Four contender Stanford 62-53 in the first semifinal.  On Sunday, April 2, South Carolina dominated from start to finish and ended any dreams Mississippi State might have had in winning it all.  The final score ended up being in double digits, but I am sure the ESPY’s come July 12 will chronicle this upset for as long as they are still broadcasting sports, through whatever medium people choose to consume their sports news.


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