Remembering Frank Deford

We are often familiar with the famous literary quote:

“The pen is mightier than the sword.”

To Terry Armour and Mike Royko from the Chicago Tribune and Jim Murray of the Los Angeles Times, you have company in the form of longtime Sports Illustrated writer and reporter for NPR, CNN, and HBO’s Real Sports.

Frank Deford passed away last week after a recent illness.

With the many quotes he uttered through the decades from discovering Bill Bradley while he was a student at Princeton to friending Kathy Ireland, Rachel Hunter, Elle Macpherson and the great Sports Illustrated swimsuit models during the 1990’s, I found this piece on YouTube when he discussed about the NCAA and why he thought that the term “student-athlete’ does not mean much in our general American consciousness.

Please take a look at this clip from July 2012, which lasts a little over four minutes long and see what you think:

The way things are going with the NCAA giving many thousands of students access to some stipends in helping defray the escalating costs of room and board, along with getting key help with certain tuition measures just to attend the school of his/her choice should be a start.

Where we go from here, especially after the Northwestern football players attempted to unionize in the summer of 2016–it is going to be a very slippery slope.

The best way to remember him in my mind are his thoughts, again from July 2012 on how Sports Illustrated had a very narrow demographic in the early years.  He also discussed whether sportswriters need to fear about bloggers like myself and others here on WordPress and other sites attempting to take over as the truest typed word:

May Frank Rest in Peace.


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