NIL 202 Jay Bilas Says The World Remains Firmly On Its Axis

1986 Duke graduate and ESPN college basketball analyst also works in law. He is considered by many media and fans as the true Voice of Reason.

Each time he criticizes the NCAA, he has done it from the heart. Jay always wears his heart on his sleeve and then some.

Here are some interesting tweets, and a pair of clips from Tuesday’s Rich Eisen Show–of which you can either download as a podcast or view on Peacock:

I second this opinion, without any doubt:

The two clips from the Rich Eisen Show on Tuesday, June 30:

Finally, from a true person in the legal field–I absolutely agree 100 percent on every point that one person representing the University of Buffalo School of Law mentions. It definitely is worth a read:

And here is an awesome story from what was the gold standard for sports journalism comes this rather lengthy, thought provoking article which includes a few more student-athletes raking in very lucrative deals plus some thoughts of one Sonny Vaccaro giving off a friendly warning to the NCAA:

Finally, here were Jay’s thoughts from Friday afternoon:

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